D4.1 „Summary of Existing CE-Related Standards and Formats for the Automotive Industry“.

The deliverable D4.1 summarizes current regulations, initiatives, data formats and standards related to supply-chain traceability solutions for the Circular Economy (CE), Digital Product Passports (DPPs) and Digital Battery Passports (DBP) to be developed for the automotive industry. Apart from desktop research, this report also identifies the preliminary requirements for the design and implementation of DPP in CE-PASS.

D2.1 „Intermediate Report. Stakeholder Analysis – Roles, Tasks and Responsibilities“.

The report D2.1 presents the outcomes of a stakeholder analysis in CE-PASS. The stakeholder analysis is performed for two use case: the Electric Vehicle Battery (EVB) and the turbo chargers of traditional combustion engines. The stakeholders were interviewed and their needs and expectations related to the DPP were recorded and analysed in order to understand their specific responsibilities, required access rights and visibility of the relevant data along the EVB life cycle, including the battery second use and recycling.

D2.3 Final Report Stakeholder Analysis – Roles, Tasks and Responsibilities

This report provides a final insight into the roles, tasks and responsibilities of stakeholders for CE-PASS project, focussing on the two use cases of the project: the electric vehicle battery (EVB) and turbochargers for traditional internal combustion engines. The aim is to understand the role and responsibilities of each value chain actor in order to support the actors’ decision-making concerning circular economy and sustainability.